Rasco FR LogoRasco FR has been making workwear since 1988 and has specialized in FR workwear since 2001. During that time, Rasco FR has earned a reputation for being first in safety. Their top priority is the protection and comfort of the hardworking men and women who wear Rasco FR clothing.

Specially designed to protect electric utility, oil, petrochemical and other workers from electric arc flashes and flash fire hazards.

100% cotton garments are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Guaranteed to be flame resistant for the useful life of the garment, provided that clothing care instructions are followed.

Designed to meet NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ASTM and OSHA standards.

Rasco's factory is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees top quality.

Regular Length 2-Tone Heavyweight Work Shirt

Regular Length Work Shirts

Long Length Heavyweight Work Shirt

Long Length Work Shirts

Womens Work Shirt

Womens Work Shirts

Regular Length 2-Tone Lightweight Dress Shirt

Regular Length Dress Shirts

Long Length Dress Shirt

Long Length Dress Shirts

Long Sleeve Henley




Carpenter Pant

Carpenter Pants



Lightweight Dress Pant

Dress & Field Pants

Womens Jeans

Womens Pants

Bib Overalls

Bib Overalls

Lightweight Coveralls


Regular Length Quilted Hooded Jacket

Regular Length Coats & Jackets

Long Length Quilted Coat

Long Length Coats & Jackets

Face Mask Winter Liner

Winter Liners & Knit Caps

Regular Length NON-FR Welding Shirt

Regular Length NON-FR Welding Shirt

Long Length NON-FR Welding Shirt

Long Length NON-FR Welding Shirts


Welders Caps, Umbrellas & Apron